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· 4 min read



All the industries evolving and adapt to the new challenges and market trends. The increasing number of data leaks and hack requires changes in how we authenticate and process personal data. Authentification is a big part of different products and services. The majority of them use a centralized approach for authorization and personal data management. We want to change it by putting more power into the hands of the end-user over their identity and personal data.

· 4 min read


There has been a rising trend for backend-as-a-service (BaaS). These are service models where developers will tend to outsource all of the fundamental aspects of web or mobile development and can focus their attention on the front end.

This allows them to avoid any time restraints with writing code that would stay on the server.

Typically, these platforms will be used to provide software for server-side activities, such as database management, storage, hosting, and so on.

Let’s turn our attention to two main BaaS services, including Firebase and an open-source alternative known as Supabase.