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Yellow DeFi is now an official sponsor of Supabase

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There has been a rising trend for backend-as-a-service (BaaS). These are service models where developers will tend to outsource all of the fundamental aspects of web or mobile development and can focus their attention on the front end.

This allows them to avoid any time restraints with writing code that would stay on the server.

Typically, these platforms will be used to provide software for server-side activities, such as database management, storage, hosting, and so on.

Let’s turn our attention to two main BaaS services, including Firebase and an open-source alternative known as Supabase.

Firebase Explained#

Firebase also referred to as Google Firebase, is a Google-backed application development software. It is intended to enable developers to create iOS, Android, and web applications and provide tools for tracking analytics, reporting, and fixing app crashes.

Firebase is a development platform known for its real-time database, a multi-node, key-value database fully optimized for synchronizing data. It is designed to handle much of the pushing and pulling of data, which lessens the burden of managing developers' versions and locations.

One of its most popular products was the Firebase Realtime Database, which is an API that could synchronize application data across iOS, Android, and the web, while all of it is stored on the cloud.

Ever since it has become a full BaaS service that has products for the development and post-development phases, that being said, the products on offer are split into three parts, including build, release, and monitor and engage.

The service was founded in 2011, and later acquired by Google in 2014

Supabase Explained#

Supabase is an open-source alternative to Firebase and is designed specifically to help developers set up their back-end within minutes.

You have a Postgres database, as well as an authentication service. The main point of appeal and how it differentiates itself is because all of its tools are open-source.

The aforementioned Postgres database has database-related tools, which include real-time listening to database changes and an interface for managing them.

Superbase also provides instantaneous APIs and syntax, which is along the lines of Firebase’s offerings.

Additionally, Supabase was co-founded by Paul Copplestone, who is the CEO of the company, and Anthony Wilson, who is the CTO of the company. It was founded in 2020 and the team working on it is 100% remote.

Firebase vs. Supabase: Which One to Pick#

When it comes to data importing, Supabase provides you with tools that easily import a CSV through which you can kick start any project.

On the other hand, Firebase does not offer this out of the box; however, you have third-party node scripts that allow you to do this. Keep in mind that any CSV file needs to be converted to JSON first.

Another way through which these differ is that Supabase is a relational database, while Firebase is a NoSQL database. The choice you end up making will be dependent on the specific requirements your project has.

This is due to the fact that relational databases are useful when your data is related, rigid, and needs to be consistent, while NoSQL is useful if you have flexible data as well as different data types.

Another thing you need to analyze here is the data migration aspect of these, as data migration on a NoSQL database can be difficult without schema.

As such, picking the right BaaS is dependent on your project's functional requirements and the potential for growth.

In any case, both of these solutions allow developers to focus less on the back-end of their projects and push their efforts towards making them shine elsewhere.

The Yellow Incubator#

Yellow Group includes the Yellow Incubator, providing seed investments, advisory, and support to blockchain startups.

Furthermore, each of these projects gets mentorship, software solutions, as well as advisory on STOs, token economics, marketing, fundraising, and listing as the core offer.

Additionally, the Yellow Incubator offers physical co-working offices for digital nomads and blockchain startups, for example Yellow Coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Yellow DeFi is happy to have Supabase as the newest addition to the sponsorships provided by Yellow Group.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to follow Yellow DeFi on Twitter for more updates