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Yellow Hackathon 2021

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Yellow DeFi

Hackathon Working Process

The 2021 hackathon ended with great success.

The main goal of the Yellow Hackathon was to build prototypes of all of the functional modules for the OpenDAX v4 Cryptocurrency Exchange Engine.

Each attendee shared their vision and assisted in building the next-generation hybrid exchange, which is a combination of the best technologies and best practices from both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The Goal of the Yellow Hackathon 2021

Yellow is the hybrid exchange of Web 3.0 intended to have the performance of a centralized exchange (CEX), fund’s security system of decentralized exchanges (DEX). Additionally, it needed to work through an interexchange commission as a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network.

The challenge within this hackathon was to rebuild OpenDAX from the ground up, this time implementing a new architecture.

Yellow development teams worked day and night from the 6th to the 9th of October of 2021, and even throughout the weekend, to bring this idea to light.

The hackathon was held in Ukraine and Thailand, where 29 blockchain developers took part in the competition.

There were a total of four teams that attended and gave it their all, including:

  • FrontDEX: Order, Candles, Orderbook.
  • Orderbook: Finex P2P.
  • Authentication and Risk Management.
  • Custody, deposit, withdrawal.

The Winners

Hackathon Winners

Things took an excellent turn for many of the attendees, and the winners indeed achieved a significant level of success.

With that in mind, the winner of the 2021 hackathon was the Finex P2P Orderbook Team.

The runner-up was the Smart Contract Team.

However, it doesn’t just end here. When it comes to the team prizes, we had:

  • The Auth & Risk Management Team won a prize for the best team effort and commitment.
  • The Auth & Risk Management Team won a prize for the best documentation and specifications.
  • The FrontDEX Team won a prize for the best demo, pitch, marketing, and commercial.
  • The FrontDEX Team won a prize for the best time management and resource organization.

Additionally, there were individual rewards given to:

With that in mind, make sure to follow us and look forward to the Yellow Hackathon 2021!

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