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What is

  • A multi-asset spot trading exchange using OpenDAX software stack, and based on Open-Finance Protocol.
  • A Layer-3 non-custodial exchange offering robust, transparent, and secure experience to the traders.
  • The Yellow platform provides its users access to inherent High-Speed Trading due to the advantages of having the Finex engine on each market.
  • Yellow exchange will provide you access to a very diverse set of assets. To do that, we are developing the wrapped tokens, managing them with state channel smart contracts.
  • Yellow is also offering inherent compliance with most worldwide regulations by using 3rd party KYC providers and Custodians without sharing sensitive data.
  • You can easily create various markets and trade on them on Yellow.

Features of


Transferring your assets to the Exchange is replaced with a MetaMask connection. Your funds are secured using a multi-signature smart contract on the blockchain. You can fully audit the assets held by the exchange.

Access to Market Pairs#

We understand how it is important to have stable access to different Market pairs, despite the blockchain technologies that are used for their maintenance. Thus, we operate with Wrapped tokens (WBTC for BTC as an example) which provide flexibility and operational speed for various markets.

Information security#

It is vital to secure personal data in the era of hacks and leaks. We don’t share any transaction details or sensitive information about the Platform user except what is mandatory, KYC level, in this case. This way your personal information is safe and transactional privacy is respected.

High-speed trading#

Built on top of the XLN protocol, Yellow has deep liquidity and tight spread while enabling traditional market-making and high-frequency trading.