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Yellow Token

Token overview#

  • Token name: Yellow
  • Ticker: YEL
  • Contract Address: Etherscan
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 DOP
  • Initial Supply: 100,000,000 YEL

Token distribution#

Yellow tokens will be distributed in the next way:

  • 50% will be allocated for community-related rewards
  • 25% will be proportionally vested to the investors during 2 years period
  • 15% will be proportionally vested to the founders and team during 3 years period
  • 10% will be dedicated to project development. Funds from that pool will be allocated based on community proposals

Token usage# exchange will use YEL as a platform-native token. It will have several utility fields.

Yellow Vault#

Yellow Vault is a smart-contract to hold and stake YEL tokens. Tokens in the Vault can be used for social activities and staking on the platform. Tokens are releasing from the Vault proportionally to user's stake value, karma, trading volume.

  • Vault stake reduces trading fees
  • Vault stake affects total karma
  • ICO investors get their YEL in Vault and claim proportionally, so they don't dump tokens at the same time, making YEL token price more stable
  • Vault YEL tokens will be also use to govern platform – listing new projects, etc

Social & Content# will host user-generated reviews and news about crypto. Core-systems to promote good-quality content will be user's karma and upvotes. We are developing a smart system, where users delegate part of their karma to creators they upvote. More karma means more influence on the community and content. So the system is being self-moderated and scalable. For YEL token it means:

  • To prevent cheating karma with bots, each upvote costs YEL tokens
  • On upvote 50% of token is burned, another 50% is transferred to author

B2B services#

YEL tokens will be also used by businesses to get services on

  • Ability to participate in the WASM slots auctions on Winners will be able to locate their own trading bots inside the Finex
  • Ability to open markets, create liquidity pools in future
  • Promotion and market-making services for crypto projects

Price stability# exchange will use different methods to stabilize the price of the YEL token. First, circulation supply of the token will increase gradually (see the vesting table) with no jumps that may cause price volatility.

Staking will serve as a price protection mechanism for YEL tokens while benefiting users that will lock their funds in the staking pools.

Additionally, will purchase back and burn 20% of YEL supply using 10% of the exchange trading fee revenue.

Token roadmap#

Seed funding:#

  • 10 million YEL tokens
  • September 2021

Private sale:#

  • 90 million YEL tokens
  • December 2021

Public sale:#

  • 150 million YEL tokens
  • March 2022

Token listing:#

  • The initial amount in circulation is 100 million tokens
  • Start of the trading April 2022

The last unlock of YEL tokens that have owners will happen in January 2025. Only community and development funds would contain YEL tokens based on the adoption and community activities.