Boost your business with cross-chain crypto liquidity

Yellow Network is a Layer-3 peer-to-peer network that uses state channel technology to securely exchange liquidity & facilitate trading, clearing, settlement, and compliance.

The problem

Liquidity is siloed and diluted as new brokerages are created.

Low Trading Volumes
Big players accumulate the volumes, making it harder to bootstrap smaller exchanges and startups.
Weak Security
Frequent hacks of centralized exchanges (CEX) lower users’ trust and make them move to decentralized platforms (DEX).
Poor User Experience
Decentralized exchanges (DEX) using L1 blockchains suffer from low throughput performance and are not sufficient for major traders and institutions.
High Entry Threshold
Starting a crypto exchange brokerage requires enormous capital injections. 97% of brokers flop within 3 years.

By design, Yellow Network solves the problem of liquidity fragmentation and introduces a network of brokerages for a more efficient, truly decentralized, trading infrastructure.


Yellow Clearing Network

Powered by state channel technology to enable real-time cross-chain trading without the need for brokers to bridge assets.
Aggregated Orderbooks
Yellow Network connects multiple exchanges to share liquidity instantly. Liquidity providers take share of profits from trading fees. Win-win setup for both startups and big players.
Yellow Network Exchanges don't hold users' funds - they are locked with secure multisig smart contracts and wallet based on MetaMask's technology.
Layer-3 Network
Application layer on top of state channels unlocks the good old orderbook and ultra-high frequency trading to network participants.
Cross-Chain Markets
Yellow Network has connection points in every major blockchain for cross-chain collateral and settlements.

OpenDAX™ v4:
The #1 toolset to build a crypto brokerage with turnkey liquidity.

OpenDAX from Openware serves as a technology enabler to power Yellow Network’s capacities.
Quick Launch
Easy guided setup, using the best practices of professional trading software with full cusomisation.
Modular & Scalable
A great fit for any kind of financial exchange business, designed to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second if needed.
Combines best security benefits of centralized and decentralized ecosystems.
Open Source
Tried and tested by a community of thousands of independent developers and companies.


A native token of the Yellow Network ecosystem.
Clearing and Settlement
$YELLOW is used to pay for clearing and settlement between exchange platforms in the network
Unlock Network Liquidity
Lock at least 250,000 tokens to activate 4 trading channels and power them with liquidity.
Secured by a Reserve Vault
Provide stability and helps resolve settlement disputes between brokers.
Customizable Liquidity Fees
Liquidity (maker/taker) fees are set before opening a trade channel between brokers.

Yellow in the Media

State Channels 'Significantly Reduce Congestion and Transaction Fees,' Ideal for Decentralized Exchanges — Louis Bellet
Louis Bellet speaks on challenges of the current trading infrastructure, why state channels is the solution to explore, and how Yellow Network answers to these challenges.
Nearly A Year Later, and the FTX Crash is Still Making Waves. What Have We Learned?
Yellow Network is noted as a solution that allows "participating exchanges to tap into supplementary liquidity reserves as needed" so they can "improve the trading experience for their users."
Layer-3 Networks Rise To The Challenge Of Liquidity Fragmentation
Exploring Yellow Network’s ClearSync Protocol, which is designed to play the same role as a clearing house does in the traditional financial world.

YN Product Roadmap

How products are developed within the Yellow ecosystem.

Q3 | 23

  • ClearSync V1 deployed on Polygon for canary testing
  • Proof of concept, a simplified version of the protocol

Q3-Q4 | 23

  • Open-sourcing the Yellow sidecar
  • Deployment of the $YELLOW token on Ethereum
  • Private rounds limited sale

Q4 | 23

  • $YELLOW token listing (tentative deadline)
  • Yellow Network mainnet soft launch
  • Community is joining to test and run Yellow nodes

Q1 | 24

  • 20 major network participants (brokers, MMs, exchanges)
  • Wrapping $YELLOW & $DUCKIES on more chains

The TEAM to change the game

Alexis YellowExecutive Chairman

Ex-rocket/aviation software developer and blockchain opinion leader. Co-founded the largest crypto market maker.

Louis BelletCEO

Serial entrepreneur in fintech, crypto and blockchain and skilled software architect. Worked with the world’s largest banks.

Camille MeulienCTO - Architect

Software architect with over 20 years’ experience in fintech security, distributed systems, Big Data & high-traffic systems.

Sergii KashchenkoCOO

Startup COO & co-founder, engineering leadership in software companies. Holds an MBA from London Business School.