Introducing Yellow Canary Testnet

A scalable testing platform built to explore the power of Yellow Network and contribute to the advancement of Web3 technologies that uses real-world assets at a smaller scale.

The Yellow duck represents Duckies canary network
The Yellow duck represents Duckies blockchain project

What is Yellow Canary Testnet?

A canary testnet network, or "canarynet," is a scaled-down version of the Yellow Network. It operates with real transactions and actual money, providing a secure environment to test and perfect our system before its full deployment.

$DUCKIES token is a key tool in building Yellow Canary Testnet’s governance system. The platform collects live feedback and is rewarding for early adopters.

Canary Origin

Canary Testnet is built with the same team, code, and tools as Yellow Clearing Network. $DUCKIES token performs the same exact role as $YELLOW does for Yellow Network.

Community Hangout

We leverage community calls and Ambassador roles to test the latest tech and features on target users before they make it to Yellow Network.

Technology Playground

Contribute to growth and evolution of a global Web3 ecosystem which is governed by a community of developers, brokers, and crypto evangelists.


How to participate

Ready to join Yellow Canary Network and shape the future of decentralized finance?

Join the Canarynet

Get early access to platforms and help us identify and report technical or usability issues with our products.
Become an Ambassador
Join our community as a Yellow Evangelist and unlock unique opportunities and rewards.
Join as a Builder
Start your trading business on the Canary Network, Move fast, take risks and ship your product before others.
Start Building
List Your Token on the Network
List Your Token Now: Elevate your token's presence on the Yellow Network and join the forefront of DeFi innovation with our streamlined listing process.
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Trading Terminal

Seamless Channel Onboarding

Establishing trade channels is as simple as it is secure. Select a peer from the map, deposit your collateral, and watch as the network's automated matching synchronizes your intentions with a counterparty's, streamlining your channel management.

Efficient and Intuitive Trading Interface

Step into a trading environment that feels familiar yet innovative. Our Terminal's user-friendly interface mirrors the best of centralized exchanges, offering a seamless and straightforward trading experience.

Streamlined Position Management

Monitor your trades in real-time, track PnL, and enjoy zero-free off-chain transactions. With our platform, you decide when to settle, bundling all trades into one efficient on-chain transaction.

Detailed Activity Log

Every action, every trade, every decision is recorded for you. The activity log is your trading journal, capturing the pulse of your strategies, providing insights and transparency to your entire trading journey.

Join our beta testnet program and be among the first to experience Yellow Network Terminal.

Trading Terminal


Stake to run a node

Node runners need a tiny amount of $DUCKIES token in order to run a brokerage on the Canary Network.

Pay the network fees

Both traders and brokers need $DUCKIES token in order to cover clearing and settlement fees.

Delegate your tokens

Support another broker to scale and pay network fees, allowing you to share the broker’s income.

Play the Duckies Game

Join the Ducklings game to earn some tokens for minting and melding cards. Bonus: they are valuable and cute!

Duckies Token

Get your $DUCKIES


Get Real!
Join the Canary Network.