Franchising trading businesses

Yellow is a Layer-3 decentralized Broker Clearing Network powered by state channels used for communicating and trading between brokers and aggregating liquidity of connected nodes.

Core Technology

Yellow Network

Exchanges, brokers, and trading firms connect to the P2P network using a unified communication protocol. The main target of the network is to interconnect all blockchains unlocking access to liquidity for truly decentralized and ultra-high-speed trading.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Our technology is unlocking the liquidity of different blockchains and exchanges to the network of nodes.

Yellow ttetst Chain

We use state channel protocols that give an off-chain performance while relying on the security of blockchain technology.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Thanks to strategy embedding technology that enables ultra HFT, nodes can sell slots for embedded strategy.

Yellow ttetst Chain

While keeping our network decentralized, we provide tools for nodes to become compliant with their local regulation.


How does it work?

Yellow Network is the Layer-3 scaling solution that utilizes state channels technology. That makes it possible to use high-performance centralized matching with trustless funds management.


  • MetaMask Sign In
  • Deposit / Withdraw
  • Spot Trading
  • Broker Admin Panel
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What is


Yellow ttetst Chain

Multi-asset spot trading exchange built with OpenDAX stack, connected to Yellow Network.

Yellow ttetst Chain

A Layer-3 non-custodial clearing network offering unparalleled security and transparency for the traders.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Access to Ultra-High-Speed Trading thanks to the advantages of having nodes on each exchange, blockchain, and market.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Wrapped tokens managed with state channel smart contracts to provide access to diverse assets.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Compliance with international regulations using 3rd party KYC providers and custodians without sharing sensitive data.

Yellow ttetst Chain

Explore, create and host various markets to trade on


Yellow Clearing Network Features

Aggregated Order Books

We understand how important it is to have stable access to different Market pairs, despite the blockchain technologies that are used for their maintenance. Yellow Network connects multiple exchanges to share orders. Liquidity providers receive profits from trading fees.


Instead of transferring your assets to the exchange, like old-school CEX, you enable a MetaMask connection. Your funds are secured using a multi-signature smart contract on the blockchain. You can fully audit the assets held by the network anytime.

Information security

It is vital to secure personal data in the era of hacks and leaks. We don’t share any transaction details or sensitive information about the Platform user except what is mandatory, KYC level, in this case. This way your personal information is safe and transactional privacy is respected.

Ultra-High-Speed Trading

Built on top of the Yellow Network, brokers have deep liquidity and tight spread while enabling traditional market making and high-frequency trading.



$YELLOW is a native token on Yellow Network. Market makers, brokers, and traders inside the network will be the main users of the token.

$YELLOW token has the following utilities:

  • Collateral and clearing fee settlements between brokers inside Yellow Network
  • Social and content rewards on Yellow Capital
  • Staking to brokers
  • Yellow Foundation development governance

Product first

Strategy and long-term planning steps to the future of digital exchange.
Get familiarized with our route and don’t hesitate to become our like-minded strategic partner.

Yellow Team


Alexis Yellow
Executive Chairman

Alexis started his career in avionics before moving to the European Space Center, where he worked on software surrounding Ariane space rockets. He later co-founded market maker GSR and became a crypto investor and Blockchain opinion leader. For the last years, Alexis has made it his mission to support emerging crypto and blockchain projects, founding Yellow to bring the Blockchain communities together.

Louis Bellet

Louis is a software architect and serial entrepreneur in the fintech, crypto & blockchain spaces. For the past ten years, he has been hands-on in the crypto industry, founding Openware, the world's leading crypto exchange software provider. Now, with Yellow, Louis plans to solve the problem of fragmented liquidity and make Blockchain more accessible and secure for the public.

Camille Meulien
CTO - Architect

As a software architect, Camille is a known authority in the FinTech development circles. He has over 15 years of experience in FinTech security, distributed systems, Big Data, and high-traffic systems. He is a problem-solver and highly skilled in aligning technical solutions with business goals.

Sergii Kashchenko

Ex-R&D Director of Bitfury and startup COO/Co-Founder with 16 years track record of engineering leadership in software companies. With Bitfury, Sergii implemented processes for efficient and transparent project delivery of the ASIC miner products. As a COO, he executed a strategic startup transformation and achieved 216% YoY revenue growth. Holds an Executive MBA degree from London Business School.

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