The canary network for Yellow

A scalable experimental platform built to explore the power of Yellow Network and contribute to advancing the state channels-powered ecosystem of Web3 technologies.

The Yellow duck represents Duckies canary network
The Yellow duck represents Duckies blockchain project

What is canary network

Canary networks inherited their name after the historical usage of canaries in the coal mines. Like brave little birds being great early detectors, Duckies are a pioneering development playground where Yellow experiments with technologies and gathers real users' feedback in fast-paced, dynamic conditions.

Duckies is a living platform that allows testing next-gen tech and functionality under the most realistic conditions before they are integrated into Yellow Network.

$DUCKIES is a key tool in building Yellow's governance system. It is a test platform with live feedback and tons of rewards for early adopters.

Canary Origin

Duckies Platform is built with the same team, code, and tools as Yellow Network. $DUCKIES token is also nearly identical to $YELLOW, having a similar tokenomics model.

Community Hangout

We leverage community calls and Ambassador roles to test the latest tech and features on target users before they make it to Yellow Network.

Technology Playground

Contribute to growth and evolution of a global Web3 ecosystem which is governed by a community of developers, brokers, and crypto evangelists.


How to participate

Ready to join duckies Canary Network and earn rewards for your contributions?

Apply as QA Testers

Get early access to platforms and help us identify and report technical or usability issues with our products.
Become an Ambassador
Join our community as a Yellow Evangelist and unlock unique opportunities and rewards.
Join as a Builder
Start your trading business on the Canary Network, Move fast, take risks and ship your product before others.
Start Building
Improve the Wiki
Contribute to the development of our most extensive resource of knowledge on Duckies and Yellow Network.
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How to get 

Verify your account

Verified+ accounts earn 10x more $DUCKIES than regular ones. Make sure to check out the available social quests and claim daily $DUCKIES rewards.

Mint & meld Duckies NFTs

Create your own collection of legendary Ducklings, get unique rewards, and challenge other players in a global Duckies game!

Join Duckies on Crew3

Become a part of the Yellow community on Crew3, perform daily activities, access unique content from Yellow, and earn even more $DUCKIES.

Complete the learning course

Enrol into Yellow University to learn everything there is to know about Yellow Network's ecosystem.

Create your Duckies profile and start earning daily rewards!

The stylish ducks offer duckies tokens

Join the hunt for Duckies NFTs

Start Minting

Get Real!
Join the Canary Network.

Mint your very own NFT collection.